Product Description

Buss Raspberry

From the genius entrepreneur Serge Buss, this unique full strength gin range embodies everything that’s good about the 21st century. A passionate eye for detail and a drive to do what’s not been done is what makes this flavour range, one of the best in the world. At the time of writing, Buss Persian Peach seems to be the only full strength peach gin available and the Raspberry, Elderflower, Belgium Apple and Pink Grapefruit are among the best flavoured full strength gins out there. Serge and his son who is involved in the family business have used a natural maceration process to produce these beautifully coloured Gins. Serge’s focus on professional grade excellence from a long career in the restaurant trade and the use of high quality fresh fruits and botanicals means the outcome is truly something exquisite.

Buss no.509 Author Cut Collection Varieties

Pink grapefruit - Double Gold Medal Winner 2015 International Taste and Quality Institute.

Belgium Apple



Persian Peach

This Awesome Author collection is available in a gift pack of 3 which include the signature white rain along with the pink grapefruit and Raspberry. A perfect gift for the Gin Connoisseur.

buss raspberry

Awesome Drinks are all about the drinks, never flavour for flavour's sake, fire for fire's sake or image for Instagram’s sake, we have put together this perfect serve for this Awesome Drink so you can create great drinks at home. We have stripped away the brand fluff to give it to you straight; The best drinks on the planet, and this is how to drink them…Perfect Serve for Buss No.509 Raspberry.


"Raspberry Club"



35ml Buss No. 509 Raspberry Gin

15ml Cointreau (or any orange orange liqueur you might have, this also works with triple sec)

25ml Fresh Lemon Juice

25ml Cranberry Juice



Shake all ingredients together with ice. Strain into a coupe glass.