Product Description

Sometimes writing great things about these awesome drinks is just so easy, voted “THE WORLDS BEST GIN”             “THE WORLDS BEST LONDON DRY GIN” and “BEST IRISH LONDON DRY GIN” ALL IN 2019, this is more than just the luck of the Irish. Dingle gin is one of the easiest drinks to praise to date. From a reasonably new distillery in Ireland this awesome gin has entered the market with a bang. The bottle is stunning yet simple with a small photo like blue sea landscape that makes you wish you could dive in. Other than its list of impressive awards, Dingle easily made it onto our list for the taste, it captures the imagination and heart of all those that try it. Well done dingle, we are very  impressed... oh and the mineral water Dingle uses comes from their own well 240 feet underneath the distillery! fabulous!

Awesome Drinks are all about the drinks, never flavour for flavour's sake, fire for fire's sake or image for Instagram’s sake, we have put together this perfect serve for this Awesome Drink so you can create great drinks at home. We have stripped away the brand fluff to give it to you straight; The best drinks on the planet, and this is how to drink them…Perfect Serve for... Dingle Gin


"A Dingle Gin & Tonic"

Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful...

Add your favorite tonic to a generous helping of Dingle gin, garnish with a sprinkle of juniper berries and a juicy slice of fresh orange.