Product Description

Traditionally made to offer to guests as a warm welcome to the isle of Capri this 100% natural Award winning Limoncello di Capri is made with the freshest lemons the Mediterranean has got to offer, hands up who’s dreaming of their next holiday! One sip and you're instantly transported to the blue crystal like waters of the Med. Made using a traditional recipe and the highest quality ingredients available, this Limoncello will leave you wondering if it would be nice in tea and coffee! This Awesome Drink is delicious as a long drink or in hundreds of cocktails.


limoncello di capri

Awesome Drinks are all about the drinks, never flavour for flavour's sake, fire for fire's sake or image for Instagram’s sake, we have put together this perfect serve for this Awesome Drink so you can create great drinks at home. We have stripped away the brand fluff to give it to you straight; The best drinks on the planet, and this is how to drink them…Perfect Serve for Limoncello Di Capri.


"Di Capri Spritz"



50ml Limoncello Di Capri

50ml Franklin and Sons Tonic

75ml Prosecco or champagne (if one feels like it!)

Garnish with a fluff of fresh mint and a juicy lemon wedge!



Stir all ingredients over ice in a wine glass.