Product Description

Mombasa Club Strawberry

Founded from a rich history, starting somewhere in the 19th century, the mighty British empire was immersed in a colonial struggle throughout Africa and the first eager British explorers were finding new routes to India…Blah blah let’s cut a very long story short, On their way they found a beautiful beach on the coast of Zanzibar, now Kenya : The destination for the “Mombasa Club” the world’s first social club, I imagine a very interesting and extremely popular place where its members would drink Mombasa Gin and Tonics, made with gin distilled in England.  This rich history combined with a quality gin similar to the original recipe it was very easily an Awesome drink. Not to mention the bottles looks like they’ve been pulled from a treasure chest and dusted down.

Brand Varieties

Strawberry Edition: A variation of the Mombasa club with fresh sweet strawberries.

Lemon Edition: Mombasa Club Gin infused with ripe Mediterranean Lemons.

Mombasa Club Strawberry Gin

Awesome Drinks are all about the drinks, never flavour for flavour's sake, fire for fire's sake or image for Instagram’s sake, we have put together this perfect serve for this Awesome Drink so you can create great drinks at home. We have stripped away the brand fluff to give it to you straight; The best drinks on the planet, and this is how to drink them…Perfect Serve for Mombasa Strawberry Edition.


"Strawberry Sunset"



50ml Mombasa Club Strawberry Gin

Fresh Mint Leaves (8)

25ml Lemon Juice

7.5ml Grenadine

25ml Orange Juice



Shake all ingredients together with ice. Strain into a tall glass with ice.