Product Description

Sharish Blue Magic

Where do we start, this is probably one of the products that was the driving force of Awesome Drinks, the original colour changing gin, Sharish Blue Magic, a Portuguese masterpiece lovingly made in a medieval town in the heart of Portugal, a perfect fairy tale destination be fitting of a all natural delicious drink that magically changes from blue to pink when tonic is added! This “phenomenon” is assisted only by the natural pea flower. The premium gin is made with 9 beautiful botanicals; juniper, cinnamon, coriander seeds, clove, vanilla, orange peel and apple and lemon verbena.

We love the fact the electric blue colour is made by all natural ingredients, not an E number in sight! and as you might you imagine the only pleasure isn't only from watching the magic happen but in the taste of this premium gin, we think Sharish makes the ultimate G&T.

Sharish Blue Magic

Awesome Drinks are all about the drinks, never flavour for flavour's sake, fire for fire's sake or image for Instagram’s sake, we have put together this perfect serve for this Awesome Drink so you can create great drinks at home. We have stripped away the brand fluff to give it to you straight; The best drinks on the planet, and this is how to drink them…The perfect serve for Sharish Blue Magic.


"Sharish Blue Magic and Tonic"



50ml Sharish Gin

200ml Tonic



G & T ! Serve.